Henny Penny PFG-690 Commercial Pressure Fryer- 2 IN STOCK

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Good condition Henny Penny pressure cooker PFG-690! We have 2 in stock that work well! 

Height 61” (155 cm) 
Width 24” (61 cm) 
Depth 41¾” (106 cm) 
Floor Space Approximately 7 sq. ft. (0.65 sq. m.) 
Pot Capacity 8 head of chicken (24 lbs.) (10.9 kg) 130 lbs. shortening (59 kg) 
Electrical 120 VAC, 1 Phase, 50/60 Hz, 10 Amp, 3 Wire Service 230 VAC, 1 Phase, 50 Hz, 3 Wire Service 
Heating Propane or Natural Gas; 100,000 btu/hr (105 MJ/hr) 
Pressure 12 psi operating pressure (827 mbar) 14.5 psi safety relief pressure (999 mbar) 
Shipping Weight Approximately 935 lbs. (424 kg)

Information from Henny Penny about this product: 

The Henny Penny Pressure Fryer is a basic unit of food processing equipment which is used only in institutional and commercial food service operations. P-H-T A combination of pressure, heat, and time is automatically controlled to produce the optimum in a tasty, appealing product. Pressure Pressure is basic to this method of food preparation. The pressure is developed from the natural moisture of the food. The patented lid traps this moisture and uses it as steam. Because the steam builds rapidly, a greater part of the natural juices are retained within the food. A deadweight assembly vents excess steam from the pot and maintains constant live steam pressure. Heat Heat generated is another important factor of the pressure fryer. Energy savings is realized due to the unit’s short frying time, low temperature, and heat retention of the stainless steel frypot. Time Time is important because the shorter time involved in frying foods results in additional economies for the user. Foods are table ready in less time than it would take to fry them in a conventional open-type fryer.



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