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Who We Are & What We Do

SmartBuy Equipment is a family owned company that sells new and used equipment. Mainly SmartBuy focuses on food service equipment, however, deals in heavy equipment (fork lifts, generators, electric pallet jacks, transformers, and much more). We are equipped to test machines for the customer so they can be confident in a product that runs well, we ship nationwide, we offer delivery options, and we guarantee most products with 30-90 Day Warrantys.


We Buy Equipment!

We buy all kinds of equipment. Anything from pans to spiral dough mixers. We entertain any proposals even if it is not food service related! Don't be shy, send us whatever piece of equipment or bulk supplies you might have! CALL 847-814-7715



SmartBuy Equipment was founded by Jerry Betsios & George Betsios. George having the experiance, and Jerry having the ambition to work countless hours until the job gets done made the perfect business partnership. They started small, in a storage locker that was 10ftx10ft and now are in a 7,000 square foot warehouse and are growing. They have built a strong reputation in Chicago, and in many other parts of the country. Jerry and George say their mission is to make SmartBuy bigger, better, and growing at all times by helping their customers do the same.






We buy all types of equipment. Restaurant equipment, fork lifts, scissor lifts, CNC machines, etc. We are open to all types of equipment, if you have something you would like to sell, but are not sure if we will buy it, please call us! 

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